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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Six-Year-Old Soul Part makes Herself Known

I have not posted anything for a few months now. This is partially due to my indecision about how to share further about my six-year-old soul part. It is not my intention to place blame or to identify those involved, especially since what I believe happened is only based on a single partial memory, associated triggering behaviors, and my response to them. Instead, my intention is to share my experiences of working with a traumatic event within my life. Thus, the details of what I am about to share have been somewhat altered and I will not be discussing the trauma directly.

With this in mind, I will tell you that the trauma I believe my six-year-old soul part endured began to emerge during a counseling session in the Fall of 2007. The counselor here worked with me to re-story the events that occurred and also employed techniques from a body of energy work called "The Way of the Heart", to retrieve information from my body and to allow me to move through the stress of the event(s).

Shortly after this session, I had a dream. For the first part of the dream, I swore I was awake as two waves of energy hit me in the chest, like being resuscitated in a hospital. The dream went on to include a scene of several gaunt, hooded children with stubbly gray hair. As they unhooded themselves, I greeted them by saying hello. They said nothing, but simply stared at me intently with dark eyes.

I did not initially understand the dream, but within another counseling session I came to see that I was welcoming dead parts of myself back into my life. Then, at some point amongst the dream and the interpretation, I began to have a visceral experience of my six-year-old soul part clinging to my body for dear life, along with cravings for foods such as black licorice, ice cream, and potato chips (some of my childhood favorites). I'm not sure how long this lasted, but for at least several days I was either feeling her arms and legs tight around my neck and body or I was carrying her on my hip. All of which I noted as the very beginning of our integration process.

Another three years would pass until the next significant piece would appear to me. Throughout that time, however, I of course worked on integrating with my six-year-old by trying to get to know her better. But, I was also heavily involved with finding my life purpose or mission, which had probably been locked away with my six-year-old all these years.

More on the events of this time and the connection of my shoulder issues to my six-year-old soul part in the next post...