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Sunday, April 3, 2011

You're Depressed...Take Some Prozac and Get the Hell Out of My Office

When I went to see the conventional neurologist, I mistakenly reviewed the work I was doing with the chiropractic neurologist not thinking about the antagonistic attitudes of conventional medicine toward alternative approaches. He examined me with suspicion and sought proof of validity in working with my naturopath and chiropractic neurologist.  I felt victimized, rather than cared for.

After examining me, he found nothing of significance. He suggested that I was depressed and offered me a prescription for Prozac.  Of course I was probably a bit depressed, since I hadn't been able to function normally for almost a year. But this wasn't causing my dysfunction. Also, none of my other alternative care physicians, who had been seeing me consistently for more than a year, saw me as depressed.

So, I didn't take the Prozac offered. For one, I didn't think I needed it. For another, if I was depressed, this wasn't going to help me get out of it. 

Although he didn't specifically say it, Mr. conventional neurologist made it clear to me that I should take the Prozac and get the hell out of his office and stop wasting his time. I didn't take the Prozac, but I gladly got out of his office and never returned.

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