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Friday, February 11, 2011

Rose Colored Lenses, Incandescent Light Bulbs, and such...

Because of my neurological presentation, the following adjustments were suggested for my environment:
  • Wear red/rose colored lenses to reduce the amount of stimulation to the brain. Preferably only in the right lens, to reduce stimulation only to the left brain. But, this was seen as being cruel and unusual punishment, so I was allowed to wear the same color of lenses on both sides.
  • Place an incandescent lamp to the right side of the computer (at work and at home) to even out the stimulation being caused by the flicker of the computer monitor and the fluorescent lights.
  • Set the refresh rate of the monitor as high as possible, to also reduce flicker. Everyone is encouraged to do this. This will help to reduce eye strain.
  • Set the keyboard to the left of the monitor and look at the monitor from the right side.
  • In using the phone, place against the right ear.

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