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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Indications of Some Kind of Neurological Disruption

My awareness of some kind of neurological dysfunction began in 1996. I was diagnosed with having anormal migraines, which meant migraines without pain. I was having visual "light shows" that distorted my vision and inhibited my ability to concentrate. These light shows began with an amoebic like shape rimmed with sparkling lights. I also had blind spots in my vision, which made it difficult to read or to see a complete picture. The amoebic shape would expand until it went beyond my peripheral vision, leaving me spaced out and disorientated.

Other symptoms were more physical. My neck would feel frozen and difficult to move. The top of my head felt heavy. If I tried to move my neck, sometimes it would feel as if my eyes were rolling back in my head and something inside my head was tensing and causing it to shake.

At its peak, this was happening several times a week. None of the prescription drugs that the conventional neurologist was giving me did anything to help. In fact, they made me feel worse in different ways.

Only because I noticed that these events tended to occur more often around my cycle was an association made between these "migraines" and the birth control pills that I was taking. When I stopped taking the birth control pills, the instances of my symptoms declined to a couple of times a month. I would remain in this state until 2004, when my symptoms began to increase again.

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